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Scrapbook 1948/49

On a mission to live up to his name and brighten up the post war days, Reverend Dennis Bringlow commisioned filming of events in the parish to screen to his congregation.

Amateur film 1948 27 mins Silent

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Growing up in the parish of Gaywood just outside King's Lynn must have been fun if this film is anything to go by! Outings, parades, Galas, parties and the Brownies', Guides', Scouts' and Cubs' events were all filmed to be shown at popular screening events to the congregation of St Faith's Church. At a time when the Church was the hub of social life in the village and TV entertainment had not taken hold, life in this Parish was action packed.

Reverend Bringlow was a busy man - not only as Gaywood's vicar but as founder of the 15th King's Lynn St Faith's Church Scout Group and organiser of Sunday School outings, Vicarage Garden Parties and a whole host of events to engage, educate and entertain his large congregation. Thankfully, he also had the great idea to film many of these events as part of the end of year entertainment and recruited a member of his congregation, Raymond Mears, to assist with the filmmaking. Ray's day job was as a fireman on the railways out of Lynn but he also organised film shows for children showing cartoons and professional films. Ray was behind the camera to record these wonderful events in the parish until the mid 50s.