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Salcombe Serving Staff Fun Run

Servers run trays of drinks through Salcombe for regatta fun

News 1976 2 mins Silent

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Salcombe’s finest waiting staff turn out for a hotly disputed title. Speed is not quite of the essence because the winner is not necessarily the fastest but actually the least sloppy. Judges at the finish line measure the liquid remaining in the glasses to assess whether a waiter has any servings left. The one with the most liquid after the mile-long jaunt through the streets is declared the winner bolstering a licensee’s reputation to offer good efficient service!

Locals working in the town’s cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants compete for the coveted title. Salcombe holds a regatta every year with fun events including a harbour swim, sandcastle competition, treasure hunts, fishing and crabbing competitions. The regatta celebrates the town’s relationship with the sea and commemorates its maritime history.