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Royal Tour through the Potteries

A red letter day for the pottery workers as King George V and Queen Mary visit the Burslem works of Royal Doulton.

Non-Fiction 1913 3 mins Silent

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On 23 April 1913 the King and Queen toured The Potteries in Staffordshire. This short film shows their arrival at Royal Doulton at Burslem where they are met by the workforce who, according to press reports, provided a living representation of the different stages of making pottery on a raised platform in the works yard. This was towards the end of a two day visit to the region during which the King and Queen visited well over a dozen different pottery manufacturers.

The Royal Doulton factory on Nile Street at Burslem closed in 2005. Royal Doulton continues to produce some items in Staffordshire in Barlaston with other production carried out in Asia.