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Riding Abreast

Three carefree schoolgirl cyclists learn the dangers of 'riding abreast' in this quaint cautionary tale shot in idyllic countryside.

1940 23 mins Silent


Jill, Mary and Brenda learn the rules of the road the hard way in this charming cautionary tale, made for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Full of idyllic pastoral scenes - the girls go butterfly-spotting, ride horses and picnic on a mountain-top - all filmed in glorious Kodachrome colour, this is as much a record of dreamy summer holidays gone by as a treatise on road safety.

RoSPA sponsored many instructional films for children in the 30s and 40s. This one may have been made by a local amateur cine club (for screening at village halls rather than cinemas) and is all the more lovely for it. The filmmaker clearly revelled in the beautiful scenery: the close-up shots of butterflies and caterpillars are poetic, if perhaps a little distracting from the serious business of road safety!