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Yorkshire’s long and proud history of rhubarb cultivation is rejuvenated and protected in this insightful news piece.

Factual TV 1983 3 mins

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This illuminating film examines Selby’s impassioned defence and preservation of Yorkshire rhubarb cultivation. In the first half of the film, we are shown and informed of the many ways that Selby is modernising their cultivation of the vegetable to appeal to shopkeepers and families. Following this, a senior staff member at the station delivers a heartfelt call-to-arms to protect UK rhubarb.

Despite rhubarb being native to Siberia, West Yorkshire is well-known for its production of rhubarb. The ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ encompasses Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell. During the peak of the county’s rhubarb cultivation, Yorkshire produced 90% of the world’s winter forced rhubarb. In 2010 the European Commission protected the cultivation of rhubarb in Yorkshire to ensure that the practice continues in the area well into the future.