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After a short but flammable existence, Victor, a matchbox from Sweden, reflects on life's vicissitudes as he awaits his fate in the gutter.

Amateur film 1968 7 mins

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A discarded matchbox from Sweden, called Victor, relates his life story. After a useful life and the occasional romance, poor Victor ends up in the gutter, talking to other matchboxes and fearing the worst as a roadsweeper advances. Just in time, a child who collects matchboxes, rescues Victor from the gutter. He is taken home to live happily ever after in the boy's matchbox collection.

Established in 1949, the Haywards Heath Cine Society filmed numerous dramas, comedies, documentaries, special events as well as a number of club activities. It's still going strong and has been affiliated for many years to the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers.