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Rationalising City Transportation

Quieter than a diesel bus, more manoeuvrable than a tram. The Guy trolley bus is the answer to all your transport problems and they're 'perfectly safe up to 40mph'.

Promotional 1930 13 mins Silent

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Providing a fascinating glimpse of inter-war road conditions, which were a confusing melee of cars, trams, horses and pedestrians, this promotional film for Guy Motors shows the versatility of the firm's range of trolley buses. See how, in Rotherham, the agile trolley nips around its cumbersome older relative, the tram, and negotiates the narrow streets of Guy's home town of Wolverhampton, which then had the largest fleet of trolley buses in England.

Guy Motors Ltd continued to make trolley buses into the early 1960s, using the Sunbeam name in later years. After falling into receivership in 1961 they were bought out by Jaguar and, following a series of mergers in the motor industry, eventually became part of British Leyland. The Wolverhampton factory and the Guy name disappeared in 1982.