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Rali Senedd i Gymru, Machynlleth 1949

What do we want? A parliament for Wales. When do we want it? Within 5 years. Plaid Cymru members, including Gwynfor Evans and D J Williams, gather at a rally in Machynlleth.

Non-Fiction 1949 8 mins Silent

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All those interested in a parliament for Wales gather in Machynlleth on 1/10/1949 for a rally comprising a march, speakers and entertainment. This rally preceded the official launch of the Campaign for a Welsh Parliament (Ymgyrch Senedd i Gymru) which took place on 1/7/1950 at a rally in Llandrindod, leading to the presentation of a petition bearing 240,652 names to the House of Commons in 1956.

The Campaign for a Welsh Parliament helped to secure a Welsh Office and a Secretary of State for Wales but it was to be 1997 before Wales achieved its own National Assembly, the first referendum in 1979 failing to obtain the majority vote required. In 2011, the Assembly gained enhanced law-making powers. The Welsh Government, accountable to the National Assembly, is formed by the party – or coalition of parties – holding most seats in the Assembly.