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Protest Outside Edgbaston

Do politics and cricket mix? Tense scenes in Edgbaston as the Pakistani flag is burnt by protestors incensed by the on-going civil war in their country.

Non-Fiction 1971 3 mins

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The first day of the test match between England and Pakistan at Edgbaston in Birmingham brings out protestors angry at the presence of a Pakistani team at a time when the country was rocked by civil war. Peter Plant talks to representatives from both sides of the conflict - West Pakistan and East Pakistan. East Pakistan eventually won independence as Bangladesh at the end of the bloody civil war.

Pakistan had been in turmoil since a disputed election in 1970. The war including scenes of atrocities committed by the Pakistan army on the people of Bangladesh continued until December 1971. The end came partly as a result of the involvement of the Indian army who fought in support of East Pakistan (Bangladesh).