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Premium Bonds Prize Winner: Molly Butters

Molly Butters hits the jackpot, winning £1,000 with one of her two Premium Bonds.

Advert 1958 1 mins


Molly Butters, a young factory worker from a village near Halifax, has hit the jackpot - winning £1,000 with one of her two Premium Bonds. She's clearly not used to the limelight, and modestly celebrates her handsome win in this short TV advert. Her winnings of £1,000 would be equivalent to more that £20,000 today.

This is one in a series of TV adverts made to promote Premium Savings Bonds, which were still relatively new, having been launched in 1956. The government-guaranteed bonds were unveiled by Harold Macmillan and soon became popular. Each £1 bond purchased qualified for a monthly draw with a top prize of £1,000. Premium Bonds are now held by more than a third of the UK population, and the monthly prizes range in value from £25 - £1,000,000.