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Pimple Has One

The mischievous Pimple takes to the bottle in this entertaining comedy

Comedy 1915 6 mins Silent


The ever-mischievous Pimple - aka prolific comedian Fred Evans - takes to the bottle with inevitably chaotic results in this entertaining silent comedy. It's all very much in line with the tradition of comic inebriation, but there's some fun with the convention of the wobbly camera, notably when a particularly sharp camera tilt sends Pimple careering downhill. There's another neat cinematic touch near the end, when an uncharacteristically gentlemanly Pimple whitewashes the screen to protect a lady's modesty.

Pimple was one of the most prolific comic characters in the silent era, but sadly all but a handful of his 200 or more films are lost. Of those that survive many, like this one, are incomplete. Fred Evans wasn't quite a match for Chaplin or Keaton in the physical comedy stakes, but he gives it his best shot.