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"Peril" The Story of the Gotha Raiders

Lively blood and thunder yarn in which German spies try to destroy London's air defences

War 1917 23 mins Silent


London is awash with German spies in this lively blood and thunder yarn, in which a cell of villainous rogues try to destroy the city's air defences. Only an inventor and his spirited girlfriend stand between the spies and the aerial destruction of the city, as once all the air defence stations have been destroyed - the villains' ultimate aim - London will be an easy target for the dreaded Gotha bombers. Can our heroic pair foil the dastardly plan?

The film is incomplete, with some consequent jumps in the narrative. The actuality footage used in the film, purportedly of Gotha bombers, largely consists of shots of monoplanes, which is incorrect, as Gotha aircraft were actually biplanes.