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Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire Otter Hounds and Tivyside Hounds

From otter hunting at Solva and Llanaeron (no otters seen) to shots of Hatty, the performing bulldog, owned by W Kemmis Buckley.

Home movie 1965 7 mins Silent

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Rural activities as recorded by the Buckley family of brewery fame. The otter hunters, including W Kemmis Buckley, are seen at Solva and Llanaeron, and there is show footage e.g. St Clears and Sennybridge, W H Buckley showing an otter hound at the latter. There is a meet in the early morning, there is the 'Meyrick' wedding, and there are shots of Llewellyn Lloyd of Glangwili Nurseries. Visitors arrive at 'Castell Gorfod', the Buckley home, and WKB's bulldog, Hatty, performs.

Buckley's Brewery was situated in Llanelli. Castell Gorfod, the family home, was near Llangynin and W Kemmis Buckley [WKB] wrote an interesting article about living there for the Carmarthenshire Antiquary, Vol. XXVI 1990, entitled 'A Carmarthenshire Childhood'. Tall and dapper, he is seen walking up a lane in otter hunting outfit after a shot of his mother – grey-haired Karolie Kathleen Buckley – walking hand-in-hand with Mrs Mary Lewes. Mary was the second wife of John Ponsonby Lewes of Llanerchaeron, who is seen standing near the hound van at Llanaeron, talking to a large man with white hair [Chief Inspector Ken Williams]. WHB, showing the otterhound, wears a brown dustcoat, a grey cap and a tie.