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Opening of Accrington Electric Tramways (1907)

Cheering crowds and much jubilation greet the launch of the Accrington to Oswaldtwistle electric tram service.

Non-Fiction 1907 10 mins Silent


Shown at Ellison's Tenement fairground in August 1907, this particularly attractive film won glowing reports from the local press, who delighted at the novel sight of "ladies, prettily attired [driving] three fine, spick and span, gaily decorated Accrington cars [performing] the taxing duty with admirable skill and judgement... accomplishing the four miles' enjoyable run without a hitch."

The film features some cheeky examples of advertising by showmen and their operators, who cunningly place a "Relph and Pedley's the Best" card in a prominent position at the front of the cab to ensure that their name is captured by the camera.