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Old Moore and his Almanac

Francis Moore, known as Old Moore, has been publishing his almanack since 1697 but who in his home town of Bridgnorth has ever heard of him?

Non-Fiction 1967 4 mins

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Beginning as a booklet to enable Francis Moore to sell more of his pills and potions, Old Moore's Almanack became a publishing phenomenon and was a best seller during the 18th and 19th centuries. Using astrological charts Old Moore and his successors made dubious predictions for the year ahead. Reporter John Swallow is not convinced, particularly as Old Moore failed to warn him that his day in Bridgnorth would turn into a complete washout.

Old Moore's Almanack written by Francis Moore from 1697 is not to be confused by the similar publication Old Moore's Almanac that also offers astrological predictions and is published in Ireland, originally by Theophilus Moore from 1764 onwards.