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Noson Lawen

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Noson Lawen

A pastoral community reaps what it sows agriculturally and educationally and, given that this is a film sponsored by National Savings, thrift is the root of its success.

Drama 1950 26 mins



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The ‘Noson Lawen’ of the title is an evening of entertainment (singing and dancing) enjoyed by a close-knit community celebrating the safe gathering in of the harvest and the educational success of one of their number (Huw, a farmer's son, played by Meredydd Evans). All have reaped the benefits of their hard work and, as is proper for a film produced for National Savings, it is evident that none of it would have been possible without frugal thriftiness.

Those taking part in the Noson Lawen are accompanied by the playing of (real) renowned harpists Osian Ellis and Nansi Richards Jones and well-known (real) singers are also featured e.g. Triawd y Coleg [College Trio] singing Meredydd Evans’ song ‘Triawd y Buarth’ [Farmyard Trio] and Bob Tai’r Felin singing the traditional song ‘Moliannwn’. Although he has been off to university, the farmer’s son is still an integral part of the local community which appears here to be an unchanging nirvana where all are satisfied with their lot. The story is based on a radio series created by Sam Jones, Head of the BBC in Bangor, and filmed in Parc, near Bala. The English language version is entitled “The Fruitful Year”.