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Movements Recollected

A young artist's journey of self-discovery; an odyssey through rural Northern Ireland to the cities on London and Milan

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1999 22 mins

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Shot by the artist on 16mm film, in the village of Beragh in County Tyrone, London and Milan, Movements Recollected draws on avant-garde traditions, weaving an elusive and haunting narrative out of visual fragments full of the intimacy of memory. The process of filmmaking itself is shown to be integral to McClean’s enunciation of identity on a journey that is both impressionistic and autobiographical.

This film was made with funding from The Arts Council of Ireland in 1998 and premiered at The Omagh Arts Festival in September 1999. Selected for the 44th Regus London Film Festival in 2000, it played in an Experimental film programme entitled 'Wheel' along with films by William Raban and Marcus Robinson. In the same year it was screened at The Spazio Oberdan, Cineteca Italiana in Milan as a short before the Jean Luc Goddard film Je Vous Salue Marie (1980). In 2001 it was selected for The Belfast Film Festival and played as a short before Pasolini’s Uccellacci e uccellini (1966). The Kino 46 in Bremen also presented the film. McClean was born and grew up in Beragh and has lived and worked for the past 25 years in London.