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Moulton Bicycle

Innovation on two wheels - presenting the latest model of the design classic that reinvented British commuting.

School programme and Educational film 1972 21 mins Silent


The Moulton bicycle took the UK market by storm in 1962. Famed for its unconventional 'Lazy F' frame design, small wheels, and front and rear suspension, the Moulton even forced Raleigh, the largest cycle manufacturer of the day, to introduce its own version of this small-wheeled phenomenon. Alex Moulton had previously designed the 'hydrolastic' suspension in the legendary Mini motor car.

Moulton had initially offered his small-wheeled bicycle to Raleigh, but when they turned it down he went into production himself. When Raleigh saw the Moulton's success they produced their own answer, the RSW 16. The Moulton design was eventually purchased by Raleigh in 1967 and produced alongside Raleigh's own version until sales slumped in 1974. The design was later bought back by Alex Moulton and variations of the original are still in production today.