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Motorcycles at Cradoc

Burning rubber in the Beacons – 1930s bikers gather near Brecon to race and road-test their gleaming, roaring machines

Home movie 1935 1 mins Silent

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Records may not have been smashed in this rather genteel looking gathering, believed to be a motorcycle reliability trial in the village of Cradoc, near Brecon - but the drivers certainly look racy in their long coats, caps and goggles, with the odd cigarette dangling suavely. There are sidecars and a fun-looking three-wheeler - all adding to the onlookers' entertainment as they line the route.

This film is by Jack Clark, who was born in Herefordshire in 1881 and moved to Brecon when his father was made gardener at Penoyre House. His love of photography led to his opening a studio in Castle Street in 1905, and in the summer he would travel to work in places like Scotland and the Isle of Man. Beach and postcard photography (for Judges) were part of his portfolio. A puppeteer and ventriloquist, he was the official photographer for Christ College, Brecon, and did much work for Llandovery and Lampeter colleges. He died in 1975, leaving a family business which still exists in Brecon.