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Morris Minor Manufacture

Minor classics roll off the production line at the end of a concerto of artisanal craftsmanship and innovative mechanisation.

Industry sponsored film 1929 21 mins Silent


You don't have to be a gearhead to enjoy this satisfying journey along the production line at the Morris car plant in Cowley near Oxford. From the casting of the engine block, through the Wacky Races-style chassis test, to the bussing in of individual delivery drivers, this film is a joy to watch. It played an important role in marketing the new model, promoting the security and reliability of mass production techniques while emphasising the artisanal aspects of the flat capped workers.

After its 1928 debut, 12,638 were produced in the year this film was released, with over 86,000 cars made before this model was replaced by the Morris Eight in 1935. The name was reused after WWII with a new series of Morris Minor cars, becoming many families’ first car into the 1970s.