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Mordiford Village School Centenary

At Mordiford in Herefordshire a fearsome dragon wanders the streets. Luckily it's given up eating children preferring to help the locals to celebrate their history.

Non-Fiction 1973 5 mins

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1973 marked the centenary year of the village school at Mordiford and therefore a good opportunity to celebrate local culture with a revival of the legend of the Mordiford Dragon. Village children David Pudge and Susie Heath tell reporter Sue Jay the tale of the little girl who found a newt that grew into a fearsome monster that terrorised Mordiford. Was it defeated in battle or has it now returned to walk the streets and wreak terror once more?

The Mordiford Dragon was first written about in the eighteenth century when curious travellers came across a painting of a dragon on the wall of the local church. The painting had been in place in various forms for many years and villagers told tales of a mighty dragon that had drunk from the water where the rivers Lugg and Wye met close to the village. In the early nineteenth century the church was rebuilt and the painting obliterated amid rumours that the vicar wanted to remove this 'mark of the devil', a twist that has helped the legend linger on in local folklore.