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Mister Moon

Musical comedian Percy Honri is a ukulele-playing man-in-the-moon in this early skit

Trick film 1901 1 mins Silent


This early comic turn features the gurning face of musical comedian Percy Honri as the man in the moon. With a tiny drawn-on body, fingers for dancing legs and a miniature ukulele, Mister Moon rises, plays and dances to his lunar tune, then sets again. The film was made to advertise Honri's musical act Concordia and may have served as an 'entr'acte', covering a costume change during the show.

Another version of this film was recently found among the Mitchell and Kenyon collection. This was taken from a negative that may have been intended to be processed very dark to hide the tears in the black cloth through which the head appears. Otherwise the two films are very similar.