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Mirror, Mirror

This keenly observed short reflects on the duality of a modern Asian woman’s life in 80s Birmingham

Drama 1980 23 mins


Yugesh Walia’s keenly observed short takes on the struggles of sustaining a double life for second generation British Asians living in the UK. Jo is a young Punjabi woman at a crossroads in her life. Housesitting for a friend, she is in limbo between two worlds; contemplating moving out of her family home but unable to decide whether to move in with her English boyfriend.

As a young Asian professional, Jo works, goes out with friends, has a secret boyfriend and smokes cigarettes. In contrast, her family life is more restrictive, with double standards where her brother is free to do as he wishes but more constraints are placed on her as a woman and how her behaviour is reflected in the wider Asian community. Under pressure from both sides, she must figure out who she is and what she really wants in finding the right balance for herself.