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Miriam Conquers Pendinas

Onwards and upwards goes toddler Miriam Jones, her little legs taking her to the very top of Aberystwyth's hill fort, Pen Dinas.

Home movie 1969 4 mins Silent

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Charming toddler, Miriam Jones, makes a successful ascent of Pen Dinas, Aberystwyth's hill fort. She is aided by mum and dad, who provide an anorak once a certain altitude is reached. At the summit, Wellington's monument offers a welcome seat. There are excellent views of the town from the route up, showing e.g. the football club, The National Library of Wales, the newly-built Plascrug School near the railway, Bronglais Hospital, cranes at work on the university campus.

The film-maker, Gareth Hywel Vernon Jones (1918-1987) was born in Tregaron but his family moved to Aberystwyth when he was 5 and he remained there for the rest of his life. He married Joan Elizabeth Jones (1929-2017) of Lampeter in 1958 (she had also moved to live in Aberystwyth with her family, when she was 18). They had a daughter, Miriam Elisabeth (b.1967). Mr Jones, an audio-visual officer with the council's education department, was interested in recording family and community life on film and was a well-known player of the 'saw', using a cello bow to do so. He would entertain local societies with his skill and demonstrated this talent on television too.