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Minera 'Mineral'

Follow the journey of the empty ‘Mineral’ train (small, cheap wagons used to transport mine products) from Brymbo Steelworks to Minera (limestone) Quarry via Coedpoeth.

Home movie 1965 14 mins

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The daily journey of empty ‘mineral’ wagons (used to carry mine products e.g. coal, ores) from Brymbo Steelworks, Wrexham to Minera (limestone) Quarry via Coedpoeth. It was shot during November 1965 and edited to convey a single trip. The route had 8 gated crossings all of which, by 1965, had to be opened and closed by the train crew. It was recorded for posterity by Brian Cowlishaw, a life-long train enthusiast who was born within sight of the railway lines at Shrewsbury.

The Brymbo Steelworks were in operation from 1796 until 1990. When they closed there were still over 1,000 people working there. The Minera Quarry limeworks closed in 1972 (when the Wrexham and Minera branch lines of the Great Western Railway were pulled up) but limestone was still quarried there for road building purposes until 1993. Brian Cowlishaw, the recorder of this industrial past, was a keen member of Ruthin Cine Club and worked in lighting and stage/company management for e.g. Theatr Clwyd and Clwyd Youth Theatre.