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Lytham Trams and Views Along the Route (1903)

The inauguration of the Blackpool to Lytham tram route on 28 May 1903.

Non-Fiction 1903 11 mins Silent


This lengthy film (by Mitchell and Kenyon's standards) records the launch of a new local tram route. The Blackpool Herald attended a screening, noting, "A very complete cinematograph picture of the Lytham trams and the views along the route was shown at the Alhambra last night." Said another journalist, "In the distance, the roadway looks like Brooklyn Bridge, America. Just see how curious it is."

Six separate rolls of film are combined together here, including one that features no trams, which the filmmakers are likely to have included for its local interest and closeness to the tram route. The film was commissioned by the manager of the tram service, Mr Slattery.