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Lynmouth Floods' Anniversary

The 25th Anniversary of the Lynton and Lynmouth Flood

News 1977 5 mins

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Lynmouth residents reminisce about the flooding that happened twenty-five years ago, on the 15 August 1952. Thirty-four residents lost their lives during the night when flood waters peaked. Lynmouth may not have been the biggest flood Britain has ever seen but it may be the most studied.

Landscape erosion, water courses and interest into how natural disasters such as flooding can shape our physical geography by changing the landscape around us have been the topics of study. East and West Lyn Rivers are known to swell and flood with records of this happening having been traced as far back as 1607. It is because the two rivers converge at Lynmouth that the area is most affected. Caused by heavy rainfall the flood dislodged many large boulders and trees causing damage to bridges, roads and buildings.