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Loreburn School, Dumfries (c.1901)

Dumfries schoolchildren take their turn in the spotlight.

Non-Fiction 1901 1 mins Silent


One of three films shot for Mitchell and Kenyon - possibly all on the same visit - in the market town of Dumfries, this charming item captures children, the youngest around five, from a local school. Despite miserable weather, the children's smiles are wide, and the cameraman crams as many as possible into the frame, in the hope of encouraging local parents to see their offspring on screen later.

The strict formality of the Edwardian education system is reflected in the separate lines of well-behaved young boys and girls. At one point the film's showman sponsor is seen throwing something - probably sweets or pennies - into the throng to provoke a good-natured scramble. This kind of technique was often employed by the filmmakers to generate excitement and entertainment for the audience. It certainly brings some energy to what might otherwise have been a slightly stiff scene.