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Lord Mayor's Speech

The Lord Mayor of Cardiff speaks to camera, exhorting all good citizens to support the war-time Wings for Victory Week by saving and thereby lending money to the government.

Non-Fiction 1943 3 mins

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A war-time Lord Mayor, Capt. James Griffiths, filmed in his chamber, reminds Cardiff that it raised over Ј4 million in Warship Week (1942) and so can surely raise “only Ј2 million” in support of Wings for Victory Week (1943). How can his city’s patriotic citizens resist this appeal whereby in saving they will be helping not only the government’s war effort but also creating their own “nest egg” for “when the boys come back and the marriage bells ring”.

The aim of these 1940s fund-raising weeks was not only to raise money for war equipment but also to encourage saving by individuals and families. Wings for Victory Week was just one of a number of such appeals that included War Weapons Week, Warship Week, Spitfire Week, Salute the Soldier Week and Tanks for Attack Week. Each county or town would arrange its own particular appeal week and those that reached the target figure they had been set would be awarded special plaques in honour of the effort.