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Launceston's Werrington Park hosts Plymouth Motor Hill Climb Club

Rev and race! Plymouth Motor Club gears up at Werrington Park Launceston

News 1978 6 mins

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Plymouth Motor Club revs up to its annual hill climb race at Werrington Park in Launceston. The grounds cover 157 hectares. The course starts from the river up winding hills through parkland. Plymouth Motor Club headed by Sam Crocker during the 1980s invested money into restoring the road surfaces to help improve the racing-time averages. They hold a two-day hill climb race at the park every year during daffodil season.

Werrington Park originally was part of the Abbott of Tavistock, Nicholas Morice’s estate and the park was developed in 1740s. In 1775 the estate was sold to first Duke of Northumberland who made improvements including adding two bridges and a temple.