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From its market stalls to its house and chapel in the rock, and on to its petrifying well and Mother Shipton pub, Knaresborough shines forth in all the glory of Kodachrome colour.

Home movie 1968 10 mins

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This is a typical example of the high filmmaking skills of Bingley amateur filmmaker Eric Hall. With his characteristic ability to evoke the fascination of everyday scenes, and his distinctive Yorkshire cadence, Hall presents a portrait of Knaresborough in 1968, with a genuinely engaging commentary that manages to avoid most of the usual clichés.

Eric Hall’s love of film goes back to childhood years visiting the local cinema in Bingley. From there he went on to make many excellent films from the 1930s through to 1980, most notably his award winning ‘Ower Bit Bog Oil’ from 1963. He was President of the Bradford Cine Circle and for a while Chairman of the North East Region of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers. Here, with his trusted Bolex H16 cine camera, Hall shows just how good an amateur film in Kodachrome could be in the right hands.