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John Doyle in Newquay

John Doyle appears in this special report on the summer season and is in the surf dude capital of Newquay.

News 1971 6 mins

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News reporter John Doyle is on a working holiday and decides to park up in the surf dude capital of Newquay in North Cornwall. His Volkswagen Camper may be the height of hippie chic but he explores camping as the practical cheap option for young couples and families and manages to diss the quality of similar facilities on the continent. All for just twelve bob a night, bob being the slang for shilling and equivalent to five pence back then.

Newquay has four town beaches and seven beaches in all including the famous beach for surfing, Fistral Beach. The North Atlantic coast is well known for its surf breaks and popular with young people. Newquay's resident population is twenty thousand but the town attracts visitors all year round. Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium at Towan Beach now houses a sea life collection including a giant Pacific octopus that is able to escape its tank. Clever Cephalopod! Sea lions are no longer a part of the outdoor adventure park.