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Joe's Way

Road safety film, or warning of the dangers of flared trousers – you decide

Public Information Filler 1975 13 mins


Did you hear about Joe? Ran out in front of a car, he just didn't look. Well, that's just his way, isn't it, always late. Sue must be devastated. Many public information films take on the guise of a mini soap opera, imbuing everyday drama with a pertinent message. Getting the audience invested in the characters is intended to increase the emotional impact when a tragic accident occurs, thus ramming home the film's safety message – in theory, at least.

Tardy but loveable Joe, his long-suffering mum and sweetheart Sue are fairly typical characters for such films. There are even shades of Billy Liar in Joe's abruptly terminated daydreams. But you can't help feeling that the filmmakers aren't just disapproving of Joe's road crossing skills, but of his generation's entire lifestyle.