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Jigsaw Factory

Jigsaw Factory

Take a tour of Portrush's puzzle factory and get a glimpse of the coastal town's architectural icons

News 1962 2 mins

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A puzzle draws you into its world and makes you forget about the daily problems and your mudane routine. The film shows the skill with which the factory workers of Portrush manufacture the jigsaw pieces which eventually end up in many homes. Printing, cutting, packaging - every step of the production process requiring concentration, attention to detail and firm hands. As we can see, this factory employed the ‘stack cutting technique’ to speed up the manufacturing process.

The footage also features the Arcadia Cafe, built in the 1920s by local businessman, RA Chalmers. Originally designed as a café, it opened its ballroom in 1953, becoming a successful entertainment venue. Regularly visited by musicians such as The Dave Glover Band, The Arcadia also hosted The Stranglers, The Undertones, Stiff Little Fingers, Ian Dury and The Blockheads. Although the building almost got demolished, Portrush residents rallied round this iconic landmark, achieving its restoration in the early 2000s. These news rushes are courtesy of the UTV Archive.