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Ingleborough Shelter

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation is celebrated in a unique and lasting way by Ingleborough locals in this charming amateur production.

Amateur film 1953 12 mins Silent

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This pleasing film depicts the construction of Ingleborough shelter by a group of friends from the local community. The film opens with a wide shot of Ingleborough that establishes the mountain’s beautiful scenery. This then gives way to a number of shots that show men working on the ground. The film ends with the men putting the finishing touches to the roof of their impressive shelter.

Ingleborough is the second largest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales and is often referred to as one of the Three Peaks. The mountain is a popular climb for enthusiasts and there are a number of different routes to the mountain’s summit. The shelter at the summit of Ingleborough was constructed in 1952 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. As of 2018, the shelter still stands and is said to have only needed repairs once since its construction.