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In Separation

The powerful, multifaceted spirt and energies of the revolutionary 1960s are channelled in dynamic, monochrome microcosm.

Drama 1965 5 mins Not rated


In Separation - of what from what? Sound, image; cause, consequence; people? The breaking apart of a relationship is exteriorised far beyond the taut emotional inner worlds of a young Brighton couple in this highly concentrated, sharp 60s short. The stakes are high and James Scott’s highly-stylised film demonstrates his confidence, and abilities, at taking on New Wave aesthetics.

A film both of its time and far beyond, In Separation, which was supported by the BFI Experimental Fund, showcases a skill in moulding the image and bending its meaning in multiple directions. Scott would apply this skill to later works, including his celebrated art documentary on Richard Hamilton, and films made with the Berwick Street Collective. Made following his time at the Slade School of Art, in the orbit of Thorold Dickinson (then teaching the UK’s first ever academic film course), this 1965 title linked Scott to another maverick of the period, Peter Whitehead, who was brought in as (uncredited) cameraman.