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In Case of Fire

In case of fire, call Mr Morris’ baby fire engine, demonstrated here in the grounds of Cowley works.

Non-Fiction 1931 1 mins


In case of fire, call Mr Morris' baby fire engine, demonstrated here for the Topical Budget newsreel cameras. She’s a 1929 Morris Minor and a pre-production example of a rapid response vehicle, registered and used by Morris Motors as a works fire tender and a factory demonstrator. To emphasise the small nature of this pint sized appliance, the newsreel cameraman has deliberately filmed it alongside one of the largest three axle works fire tenders! The service and repair department hosts a controlled fire to show off this Lilliputian wonder. Only 7 of these rapid response Minors were ever made, and amazingly this one survives today and can frequently be seen at major classic vehicle shows around the country.