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Honestly It's the Story of My Life

A down-to-earth portrait of art school life from Sarah Ann Kennedy, creator of Crapston Villas and voice of Miss Rabbit and Nanny Plum

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1990 5 mins


Well they say honesty is the best policy… Sarah Ann Kennedy is best known today as the voice of Miss Rabbit in Peppa Pig and Nanny Plum in Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. But fans of Channel 4 animation in the 90s will remember her series Crapston Villas, and as the voice of Dolly Pond in Candy Guard’s Pond Life.

Like her main character, when she made this film Sarah was a Newcastle Poly art graduate in the big city - she studied animation at the Royal College of Art. But the film is more an exercise in drawing on her own experiences and background to produce funny but unconventional cartoon characters than in autobiography. Listen out for Bob “Henry’s Cat” Godfrey as the hairdresser.