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Homework and Street Scenes in China

Intimate vignettes of crafters, beggars and labourers in the workshops, on the streets and eating in the outdoor kitchens of imperial China.

Travelogue 1908 7 mins


These intimate vignettes of artisans, vagrants and labourers ('coolies') at work, begging and queuing for meals at an outdoor kitchen are an astonishing record of life in late Qing-dynasty China. The close-up portraits of work, hairdressing and eating are sensitive studies: a seamstress quietly embroiders; artisans craft lanterns; a barber styles a 'Manchu queue'; and a little lad sups his soup.

Until the Xinhai Revolution overthrew Qing imperial rule, the 'Manchu queue' - a long plait at the back with the forehead shaved - was a hairstyle imposed on all Chinese men, with charges of treason levied at non-conformists. This is one of two examples in this collection that feature the hairstyle being barbered - see also Modern China (1910).