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Hints and Hobbies No. 7

How to prevent a dirty neck and amuse your guests with sugar-lumps; it can only be an instalment of the wonderful Hints and Hobbies series.

Cinemagazine 1926 14 mins Silent


The seventh instalment in the wonderful Hints and Hobbies series continues to dole out helpful tips to the cinema-going masses of the 1920s. This episode includes cricketing counsel from expert batsmen Patsy Hendren, advice on how not to ballroom dance (stamping hard on your partner’s toes is frowned upon), and the invaluable pointer that mashing wet bran into your furs will prevent a dirty neck.

There's also advice on how to float correctly, complete with a live demonstration ("Figure stiff, head well back… Chest well out, and lungs filled"), while a veiled damsel explains the hidden meaning behind "the language of cards". Don't miss the final pearl of wisdom: how to amuse your dinner guests with "the mysterious lumps of sugar".