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Helping Jessie in the garden

Two Teddy Bears look on happily, as before their glassy eyes a normal suburban family falls victim to some very abnormal goings on in their back garden.

Amateur film 1968 6 mins Silent

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The Adams family, including their teddy-bears, relax in the garden reading magazines. But the garden is a mess so Jessie storms out of the house ordering everyone to get busy. The bears prefer to sit and watch the mayhem that ensues. Water-pipes are broken, carpets are 'mown' and everyone ends up in the pond. Even Jessie gets chased around the garden by a demonic lawnmower. The teddies laugh so much at the antics of the humans that one of them falls off the wall and into a dustbin.

The prolific and imaginative George Adams once again drafted family members to appear in this bizarre film which combines live action and stop-frame animation. Filmed in the Adams' garden in suburban Camberley, in Surrey, George's wife, Jessie, is the eponymous heroine and their youngest daughter, Wendy, ends up in the pond.