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Hay on Wye Declares Independence

Hay on Wye declares independence and pledges a future of second-hand book browsing and sausage eating.

Non-Fiction 1977 3 mins

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A bemused Peter Green reports from Hay on Wye (on April Fool's Day…) with news that the market town on the English and Welsh border has broken away from Brecon and will in future go it alone (apart from a peculiar link up with Enkeldoorn in Rhodesia). Local second hand book dealer 'King' Richard Booth is behind the stunt, which shouldn't do his business any harm!

King Richard Booth's publicity drive for the town of Hay on Wye led eventually to the setting up of a literary festival in the town. He even survived a 'beheading' as rival republican rebels attempted to take over the town in 2009.