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Greenford and Northolt Dig for Victory Campaign

An Ealing councillor fervently implores local cinemagoers to Dig for Victory!

1942 4 mins


Take up your trowels! During WWII, Britain's food imports were severely restricted and local councils across the country commandeered public and private land for the growing of vegetables and crops. Here, an Ealing councillor implores local residents to take on an allotment to help feed the nation. 'Dig for Victory' was one of the war's most iconic and successful mass publicity campaigns.

By 1942, when this film was made, half the civilian population was participating in the Dig for Victory scheme. As well as filmed lectures like this one, there were newspaper ads, leaflets, live demonstrations and a range of instructional films sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, as referred to by the councillor. Watch other Dig For Victory films included in this collection: The Backyard Front (1940), Filling the Gap (1942), and Mrs T and her Cabbage Patch (1941).