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Great Red Cross Carnival at Rushden

Flags and patriotism on show in Rushden as local businesses pull out all the stops in this carnival procession.

Non-Fiction 1917 3 mins Silent

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On 15 September 1917 an event took place that was described by the Rushden Echo as the "Finest spectacle ever seen in Rushden". The Northamptonshire town held a procession and carnival in aid of the Red Cross. According to the local press it was a mile and a half long and was followed by a fete held in the grounds of Rushden Hall.

Horace Wright's Summit Fashions and John Cave and Sons utilising their 'World's Best' trademark can be seen in this reel by an unidentified filmmaker that is likely to have been destined for a local cinema. The filmed section appears to cover the boot and shoe trade but, according to contemporary reporting, the procession also included marching bands, decorated cycles, school children in costume and 'tradesmen's turn-outs'.