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Going to Meet Becky

A summertime reunion with an old flame turns into uncanny happenings for Dear Jonathon. Episode five of eight from the 'Other Realms' series.

Amateur film 1980 19 mins

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Written and directed by, and starring the filmmaker himself, Jon Coley was 21 years of age when he made this film which was his favourite episode of all the ‘Other Realms’ films in a series of eight. The film uses a soundtrack of drone-based music from ambient pioneers Brian Eno and Robert Fripp which adds atmosphere to a plot that unveils with an uneasy tone of mystery and menace; the tale of a romantic reunion gone awry.

Music tracks featured are ‘Music For Airports’, and ‘An Index of Metals’ from the album Evening Star (1975) – both Eno. ‘Water Music II’ from Robert Fripp’s 1979 album Exposure, and Nico’s 1974 track ‘The End’ from the album of the same name.