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Going Back to Work Strike 1985

Miners from Selby who took part in the national Miners’ Strike of 1984-1985 return to work in this historically significant short film.

Amateur film 1985 3 mins Silent

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This emotional film showcases the end of the Miners’ Strike in Selby in 1985. Kellingley Colliery miners march towards their workplace with pride holding banners and receiving support from a small crowd gathered to meet them. In one extraordinary and eerie shot, the camera slowly pans along the long line of workers which seems to go on indefinitely.

Kellingley Colliery was a deep coal mine located near Selby. The colliery was finally closed by its owners in 2015, an act which officially brought an end to deep coal mining in the United Kingdom. The Miners’ Strike was one of the most notable strikes in the UK during the late 20th Century. Miners went on strike from 1984-1985 in order to dispute the government’s decision to close down collieries throughout the country. The strike became very bitter and often violent as protestors frequently clashed with police.