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Generation Gap

Are the times a-changin', or are we getting old? This amateur cartoon delves into the dreams of the Cashworthy family.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1973 11 mins


When the 70s began to feel the hangover from all that 60s swinging, it was a good time to take stock. This cartoon by prolific amateur filmmaker Peter Hickling features the aging Cashworthy, voiced by the inimitable Bob Godfrey of Roobarb and Henry's Cat fame, who escapes into fantasy to avoid the everyday reality of getting old. Yet his memories betray that the generation gap isn't always as wide as it seems.

For this film Peter benefited from the financial support of the BFI Production Board and the facilities of Bob Godfrey's studio. The use of a professional camera set-up and the score of gifted jazz musician and composer Johnny Hawksworth (who also wrote the opening theme to Roobarb) adds a polish to the production, yet doesn't inhibit the rough and ready style of an artist on the outside of the industry.