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Gay Rights

Two councils with two different approaches to LGBT rights.

Current affairs 1986 7 mins

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"There can be no Socialism without lesbian and gay liberation" spoke Jo Richardson MP at the 1986 Labour Party Conference. But, as Rob Whitehouse finds out, the relationship between the left and LGBT campaigners diverges depending on where you live. While Harringay in North London is seen as leading the way Coventry lags behind, even though it has been a centre of dissent and protest since the days of Lady Godiva's risky nude ride.

The interviewees in this piece originally broadcast on Central Lobby are: the Coventry Liberal councillor Rob Wheway; the leader of Coventry City Council, Peter Lister; Wes Webb who runs the telephone line Coventry Friend; the deputy council leader in Harringay, Steve King and Coventry gay rights campaigners Fiona McLachie and Terry Donovan.