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Formula Two Grand Prix Stock Car Racing in St Austell

BriSCA F2 Stock Car race at the Par Stadium

News 1976 5 mins

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The eighth round of the AA - Westward Television Grand Prix British Stock Car racing series Formula Two is held at Par Stadium in St Austell. Race winner Bill Batten in stock car no. 667 beats Roy Goodman in 800 and Nigel Hosking in 599 to earn 25 points for the league title. BriSCA Formula Two is born out of Junior Tens introduced in 1960. It offered a racing opportunity to all because of the reduced costs associated with the car when compared with the Formula One Seniors. 

BriSCA F2 racing is the largest open wheeled Stock Car sport in the country and the South West became well-known for the sport. Tracks hosting BriSCA F2 are still found in St Day, Honiton and Bristol. Par Stadium became a retail park. Bill Batten has won six British titles and four World Championships with Roy Goodman, Gary Hooper, Graham Bunter, Philip Bagnall, Syd Collings, Nigel Hoskins, Brian Taylor and Colin Higman also appearing in this film. Champions drive with a gold or silver roof and ex-champions start at the back of the grid if they do not qualify with the use of the front bumper permitted to push opponents out of the way!