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Fishing Tale

Comedy catch of the day: cod-acting in a fishy tale with the Nouveau-Château cine club.

Amateur film 1953 12 mins Silent

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A spot of bait and bravado breaks the ennui on the banks of a picturesque Northumbrian river, standing in for the (fictional) Damne D'Hotte district of Northern France. All ends well in this comic story of a fishing dispute that descends into fisticuffs, peppered with French stereotypes. It was created by a Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association 16mm film production team, based in Nouveau-Château, of course.

This film is part of a unique and eclectic collection, which dates back to the pioneering early decades of amateur cinematography. Back in 1927 James Cameron gathered together a small group of men and women interested in making moving pictures. They formed the Newcastle branch of the Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA), one of only five in Britain at the time, and still operating in the city in 2018.